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Large Cheese Pizza (16")

Homemade Dough and Sauce made from Scratch Daily!

Cheese Only $13.59
Large (16") Pie Extra Toppings:Pepperoni +$1.99Sausage +$1.99Beef +$1.99Bacon +$1.99Fresh Tomato +$1.99Green Pepper +$1.99Onions +$1.99Black Olives +$1.99Green Olives +$1.99Mushrooms +$1.99Extra Cheese +$1.99Garlic +$1.99Chicken +$3.79Artichoke Hearts +$3.79Sun-Dried Tomatoes +$3.79Banana Peppers +$3.79Jalapeno Slices +$3.79Cheddar Cheese +$3.79Feta Cheese +$3.79Ricotta Cheese +$3.79Shredded Parmesan Cheese +$3.79Provolone Cheese +$2.79Fresh Basil +$3.79Pineapple +$3.79Spinach +$3.79Fresh Mozzarella Cheese +$3.79Dairy Free Cheese +$3.79Blue Cheese +$3.79Goat Cheese +$3.79Meatballs +$3.79Ham +$3.79Old World Pepperoni +$3.79Salami +$3.79Cilantro +$3.79Anchovies +$3.79
Extra Sauces and Dressings cups:Extra Marinara +$0.99Alfredo Sauce +$0.99Ranch Dressing +$0.99Greek Dressing +$0.99House Dressing +$0.99Caesar Dressing +$0.99Blue Cheese Dressing +$0.99French Dressing +$0.99Creamy Italian Dressing +$0.99Raspberry Vinaigrette (Fat Free) +$0.99Apple Vinaigrette +$0.99Honey Mustard +$0.991000 Island Dressing +$0.99Jalapeno Ranch Dressing +$0.99Balsamic Vinaigrette +$0.99
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